Anas Abu-Khalifa


Hi .. I am Anas born on May 6th, 1992, lived in France ,UAE ,KSA and Egypt for now, Graduated from Faculty of applied arts Helwan University.

 I'm working in the art industry since 2012 creating comics,

animation, games, and commercials.


I work mainly as an illustrator, character designer, and Concept artist.
Through my journey, I've met great people and made great friends. learned a lot from many masters in each category of our industry.


 I have professional skills, time management, knowledge of the latest technologies and software, committed and looking forward to working in leading Studios and production houses in Egypt.




Tree Adv. - Senior Concept artist & Illustrator

Dumiah Animation - Concept artist 

Bare Entertainment - Concept artist & Illustrator

Dots Space  -  Community Director

Stabraq - Creative

Egymanga - Comic Artist

Graduated From Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan University




E-mail :

Tel: +2 011 254 526 51


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